For my close friends and family, THANK YOU! Thank you for accepting the waves of my creativity and never belittling my dynamic-ness. To know me is to love me or despise me. I am a fun going loving Libra sun with a challenge loving Sagittarius moon. I have many passions and for the elders they may call people like me a master of none, however like I do often I want to push your thinking there. Imagine some of the most successful people you know, they may be in your direct sphere of influence meaning friends and family, or they could be in the sphere of influence you are aspiring to get into. Oftentimes, we define success as people who seem to have financial security, beautiful smiling family pictures, and potentially running a business that is financially doing well. We believe that successful people are those who own their own homes and have a pleasant attitude. Maybe we need to equate people being successful when they have the ability to flow. When they are utilizing their skills and resources to contribute to the world. Maybe we need to look in our spheres of influence and give our hats off to those who are able to adjust, cope and thrive under some stressful circumstances and situations. Hey You!! Yes you reading this right now. If you have the ability to multitask like no one’s business, you are successful babyyy and I am proud of you. 

My ability to see things from multiple perspectives awards me the ability to understand that there is a certain level of comfort in being able to do the same things day in and day out with a schedule that doesn’t change. For some people they define that as security and reliability, however I see this as fear. Fear to move in the direction of your heart and/or your subconscious minds deepest desires. Fear that your financial security or security of your family will be at risk if you do not stick to your regular planned program. Many elders tell the younger generations all the time that we are wish washy, and that we don’t stick to anything long enough. But maybe the elders should take pride that they have created millennials who are fearless, bold and purpose driven. 

I aim to live a life of abundance, and being fulfilled in all that I do. Any job I have done, I have done it with my whole heart and with every intention to make that job a better place leaving than it was when I became employed there. If I had to summarize who I am on a soul level, I self identify as an African healer and a nurturer. Of all the jobs and professional positions I had, what I succeed at is the mushy, loving, nurturing encouragement that helps to facilitate healing. I am a teacher. Although there are numerous things I love teaching, what I enjoy the most are topics/areas that can help to bring about healing and coming to a place of self actualization. I have a deep connection to being a life long learner, and I pride myself on the ability to take in new information and adjust accordingly. I started my first business Golden Hearts & Minds Management LLC in 2019 with the aim of being a global provider of educational services, programs and solutions to aid the obliteration of all forms of racism, discrimination and internalized oppression. Yes that is a mouthful that summarizes that my brand is transformative HEALING. Mental healing, emotional healing, and physical healing so that African diasporic people are one day functioning at their optimal potential. Often times that includes educating about healing as well. According to my roots reading (iykyk), I come from a long line of healers, educators, leaders who acted as counsel to kings/crown, judges, and business people. Just recently, I spent time with my Gullah Geechee family and the elders of my family affirmed that my attraction to herbs and healing medicine are the work of my ancestors. My grandmother Ira Mae Skipper Reed was a house wife and herbalist that quickly fixed any ailments that my aunt, and uncles had with the use of their garden and the herbs that grew in their own backyard. My father, aunts and uncles made sure I knew that they only went to the doctor if it was a dire situation. My grandmother learned all she knew from her mother Maggie Jackson Skipper who too kept her entire family healthy through the use of herbs and home remedies. My great grandmother Marilyn Louise Thorpe Mitchell also kept her children, husband and family healthy with the annual castor oil, and proper nutrition. Yes I understand that there are many socioeconomic factors and racial barriers to quality and proper healthcare when my aunts, uncles and great aunts/uncles where being raised which is a topic for another day. If you don’t take anything else from this blog post, please take this one note: EMBRACE YOUR ANCESTRAL GIFTS WITH BOTH HANDS. Embrace the skills and trades already in your blood line. I am privileged to be able to acknowledge what gifts and talents are in my bloodline and add to it with the knowledge I have acquired by attending the prestigious Florida A&M University for two degrees. In the era we are in now, use the vast amounts of information to improve upon what your ancestors were already so great at. Honor the best parts of who they were by living in your true African values, ethics and norms (if you’re of African descent). Maybe your the key. Maybe this is the right time in space. Maybe in the social context of our environment, others are open to being able to hear. Education is the vehicle that I use to get to the destination of healing. I know that my brand in totality in this physical plane is education and healing. What is yours? 

Grandma Ira Mae

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